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Energetic Harmony
An 8-week group virtual chakra program

Connecting to and harnessing your own life force energy

Saturdays 9-10:30am EST via zoom

Starting January 20th ---- Ending March 9th 



There are many chakras in and around the body, we will be focusing on the seven major chakras along the sushumna, the central energetic channel of the body that runs from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Each chakra is related to how we show up in different areas in our life. Chakras may be deficient in energy (closed) or have an excessive amount of energy (overly open).

When we are able to find balance and harmony within our inner environment, we can see and feel that balance ripple out and affect our external environment.


How it works 

Each live session will include movement, meditation, pranayama, content discussion, self inquiry sharing and q&a.

You will have the support of guided and non-guided practices, as well as a whatsapp group channel to stay connected and go deeper between each live session. 

All sessions will be recorded

Week 1

Muladhara chakra


Image 12-5-23 at 2_edited.png

Week 2

Svadhisthana chakra


Image 12-5-23 at 2_edited.png

Week 3

Manipura chakra

Solar plexus

Week 4

Image 12-5-23 at 2_edited.png

Anahata chakra


Image 12-5-23 at 2_edited.png

Week 5

Vishuddha chakra


Image 12-5-23 at 2_edited.png

Week 6

Ajna chakra

Third Eye

Image 12-5-23 at 2_edited.png

Week 7

Sahasrana chakra


Week 8

lotus line.png

Cultivating harmony

Bringing it all together

You will leave this program with:

  •  a deeper understanding of the chakra system; 

    • what each chakra is connected to 

    • where its located in the body

    • what each chakra feels like energetically when in balance vs out of balance

  • insight into how imbalances are showing up in your body and your life 

  • a tool kit for each chakra- with practices to help you as you navigate the inevitable shifts and imbalances that arise

  •  feeling connected to your subtle body and more balanced energetically

  • a regular meditation practice

  • each session recording

  • a sense of community

Are you ready to invest in yourself? 

Investing time and energy into yourself can bring up a lot of mixed feelings like resistance, judgment, doubt, anxiety, excitement, nervousness, weariness, etc. (you fill in your own experience). If the sound of this program gives you even the slightest spark of curiosity and excitement I invite you to step into this container with me. 

I have been investing in myself in this way for years now. Each series, program, coaching container, training, retreat, workshop, masterclass etc. has all led me to further understanding myself in a deeper way, therefore allowing me to understand and connect with others more deeply. It is healing and freeing to better understand your own experience, not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and energetically.

We are complex and very powerful intuitive beings. I share my knowledge of the energetic body that I have learned throughout the years in trainings and containers working with my teachers and coaches, to help folks find more freedom in their bodies and in their lives.



Due to this being the very first time I am offering this, it is being offered at a major discounted rate and on a sliding scale of:

$111 - $222

via venmo


For the entire 8-week program

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions ♡

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