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Reiki & Sound


"I am always amazed when I come across individuals that exude an energy that is palpable. Crystal is this type of person. Her demeanor is soothing and fosters a relaxing atmosphere. The Reiki treatments she delivers are powerfully energetic and healing all at the same time. Crystal takes the time to understand how your body and mind is feeling before diving into her practice. Although I am typically skeptical at healing that does not involve physical contact I was amazed with the impression that was left on my body and emotions following our session. It is very special experiencing how Crystal can be so in tune with the true nature of another soul through her amazing talents. Thank you Crystal."


Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that promotes relaxation and healing. Reiki supports the movement of energy already within, assisting with clearing blockages and balancing the energetic system. 

Sound therapy

Sound healing is a powerful therapy that uses vibrations and frequencies to promote relaxation, reduce stress, relieve pain, enhance overall well-being, and aids in accessing higher states of consciousness. Crystal uses crystal bowls in her sessions, both on the body and off the body. Each bowl is tuned to the vibrational frequency of a specific chakra.

Reiki & Sound Sessions


A private 75 minute energy healing session typically consists of a brief tarot reading, grounding meditation, connection to breath, reiki and sound healing where Crystal will work around the body using physical touch and crystal bowls, followed with time for reflection and sharing. This is all variable based on the individual's needs. 

These sessions are to support folks to find ease in their bodies and connect with what is present within them. Releasing what is ready to be released, to aid the body back into a balanced energetic state.



"I experienced my first Reiki session with Crystal on a retreat at the Swanson Inn in Vermont. Originally I was not planning on doing a Reiki session, but when she came over to me during a yoga asana class, her energy really compelled me to sign up for a session. Being new to Reiki I did not know what to expect but Crystal's calming nature made me so comfortable from the start. The experience was truly something I have never felt before. The most potent part was at the end when Crystal was able to tell me what she felt during the session. I am so grateful to Crystal for what she shared with me. It was truly a profound experience and I would absolutely go back to Crystal for my next session!"


"Crystal is a gentle light worker, yet absolute powerhouse. I attended a retreat alongside her beautiful presence, and was fortunate enough to do a reiki session with her. She radiated heat and energy despite the chilly temperatures of the Vermont mountains. I literally felt the energy release through various parts of my body that it was holding tightly, and rose to a new beginning. Crystal is a radiant magical being, I’m forever grateful for this experience."


"I didn’t know what to expect in my session with Crystal, only having done a few reiki sessions before.  Knowing Crystal as an intuitive, kind, soft hearted, and spiritual being, I felt called to work with her this summer. After sharing some thoughts and intentions, I settled in and was led to a very grounded and peaceful head and heart space.  The work that we did together was very tangible and any doubts I had about energy work was quickly dispelled as was led through a journey where I felt seen, held, nurtured and was able to release some very toxic energy I’d been holding onto for a very long time.  I am so grateful to Chrystal for sharing her beautiful gifts and talents with my.  My one wish was that I was geographically closer to Vermont so that I was able to work with Crystal on a more regular basis."
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