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Yoga Offerings


"Crystal is a gift to humanity. You will leave every class feeling fulfilled in ways you didn't even know you needed. One of the most cherished aspects of Crystal's classes is her ability to see you as you are, and to offer a practice that meets you where you're at. Never judging, always gentle, Crystal excels at slow, steady and intentional classes that both create a shift in your being immediately, but also, through enduring participation, blossom into a state of flow. Through her instruction, she helps you expand your boundaries and facilitates healing, enabling you to evolve beyond your perceived limitations."


Drop -In Classes

Classes are through Laughing River Yoga 

At the Chace Mill in Winooski VT




12:30 - 1:30pm

In person & Livestreamed

Upcoming Workshops


Restorative yoga with reiki & sound healing


May 24th -- June 28th -- July 19th 

Laughing River Yoga

In this two hour offering you will be guided through restorative poses supported by props, allowing muscles to relax and open.​ While resting in the poses you will receive Reiki, an ancient energy healing therapy. This powerful combination can provide deep relaxation and restore balance within the physical, emotional, and energetic body. Open to receive this restful and healing practice with a sound bath in savasana.

Release and Renew: A Spring Chakra Cleanse with HypnoBreathwork®, Reiki, & Sound Healing


Saturday May 4th


Laughing River Yoga​

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery in this chakra workshop led by Crystal Sorrell and Carrie Mailloux. You will explore the seven main chakras, or energetic centers in the body, through experiential practices: discussion & self-inquiry, intentional asana, an expansive 40 minute breathwork journey, and a restorative savasana infused with a sound bath and Reiki healing touch. Crystal and Carrie will guide you to explore each chakra's qualities, identify imbalances, and learn practical tools to harmonize and align them.

Ancestral Connection: A breathwork, cacao, reiki & sound ceremony


Sunday May 12th


Laughing River yoga


Join myself and Laura Neal for this unique and transformative experience.


We will begin this workshop with meditation, cacao and inner inquiry on ancestral ties and how these may show up throughout your healing journey in this life. We will prepare ourselves for breathwork with some gentle asana to help soften the physical body and begin to move stagnant energy. You will be guided through the breath journey using instruments, essential oils, music and movement. Throughout the journey you will receive reiki and grounding touch to support you, and we will wrap up the journey with a nourishing sound bath where you can simply receive and integrate. We will take time for reflection and sharing as we intentionally close the container together, offering support as you transition back. 

Private Yoga Sessions

1:1 yoga:

Are you looking to go deeper into the practices of yoga, and perhaps could use some time to do so outside of a drop in class? This offering is entirely customized to your needs and desires. Taking the yogic philosophies, poses, pranayama and meditation a bit deeper in this very exclusive offering. 

Group Yoga:

Do you have an event coming up, or a desire to have a private group yoga class for you and your closest friends or company? Crystal offers to travel to you or she can host via zoom. 

For pricing and more information please reach out.



"Crystal is such a beacon of light and it shines through when she teaches yoga. I have had the pleasure of attending yoga classes with Crystal before she started teaching, so it's been really amazing to also practice yoga with her from this different angle. My favorite part of yoga class with Crystal is the calming energy that she builds in the room, and the fact that I can open myself up to change while in that space. She is so graceful in the way that she guides through a flow of poses and I have always left her classes feeling refreshed, centered and more connected to myself. She always offers modifications to increase or decrease the intensity and depth of any pose making it perfect for all experience levels, ensuring that you can get the most out of your individual practice. She's a sweet soul whom I am so grateful for, and I look forward to sharing many more yoga classes together!"


"Crystal is a bright, loving soul who holds sacred space for those around her.  As a yoga teacher and a reiki practitioner I have found her to be not only skilled and knowledgeable to guide enjoyable, safe practice, but also insightful and compassionate as she creates and shares her beautiful energy with a class.  I feel free and happy in Crystal’s classes and workshops.  Crystal is also a knowledgeable and encouraging mentor for those who are exploring and honing their own skills to teach and share the multi-faceted art of yoga."


"Crystal is my favorite kind of yoga teacher - one who blends spirit, flow, heart and soul in a way that's accessible, challenging, rewarding and creates space for reflection. She effortlessly blends dynamism and creative sequencing that resonates in ways subtle and profound. I was fortunate enough to experience Crystal both as a mentor during my 200 hr teacher training and also as a regular student in her classes. Finding yoga teachers you align with can be challenging. I know I found one for me in Crystal. What a gift her sharing is, I hope you can experience it at some point for yourself. "
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