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Updated: Oct 9, 2023

My name is Crystal

I use she/her pronouns

I am currently located in northern Vermont. In this life, I am a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and sound healer. I have been balancing these soul services with a full time career as a Senior Customer Project/Program Manager at in Burlington VT. This career has supported my journey in ways that I have needed to survive, to grow, to make connections and to flourish on my path. I do see myself moving away from the corporate world and stepping more fully into these soul services I provide, in divine timing.

My purpose in this life is to support beings on their soul's journey in this human experience. Through finding balance in their physical and subtle body, and in remembering and connecting back to their true, divine essence. In order to live in alignment with their souls highest evolvement.

woman on horse in the woods

A glimpse into my journey..

I have been riding horses since I was eight years old. I went to college for Equine studies and have a bachelors in science, as well as an equine massage certification. I did bodywork on horses regularly for about a decade. I have worked numerous equine related jobs; assistant trainer, barn manager, massage therapist, maintenance rider, and more. The lifestyle that was required of me in order to show up and serve in these ways no longer felt in alignment, and I was struggling to financially support myself. So I decided to leave to find financial stability and something more in alignment, while still working with horses on the side.

The decision to leave an industry that I thought I would work in for the rest of my life, was one of the most difficult decisions. However I knew, my body provided signs, my intuition dropped messages and I followed them really not knowing what to do or where to go. I was asked to trust more deeply than ever before.

I had been practicing yoga for awhile at this point. While everything seemed to be falling apart around me, I went even deeper into my practices. The practices of yoga helped me learn compassion and patience with myself through this very turbulent time. Each class I left feeling more connected to my body, my mind felt more at ease, and I started to feel more balanced energetically. Eventually I found a radiant, spiritual teacher who inspired me to explore my own gifts, my own heart's desires and my own soul calling. At this time this sounded very foreign and radical to me. I grew up with societal standards placed upon me in ways that left me feeling like my life had to look a certain way to be successful, to receive love, and to be "happy". To this day, I am still working through deconditioning these standards and expectations. This being of light helped me connect with my own true essence and power. She helped me see that I do have the ability to choose what I want this life to look and feel like, based on my souls true purpose and desires. She inspired me to become a teacher and a healer, to help support and serve others in this way.

By the time my yoga teacher training started, I was living yoga off of my mat. I was choosing a spiritual and sober life, and noticing how this was affecting my relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, my career, my well being, how I show up in the world, everything. I was at a place of feeling stable in most areas of my life, and at the same time feeling completely stripped from an old version of myself that was no longer in alignment, which felt disorienting and lonely at times. Teacher training provided me the community, the support, the safe space I was needing to keep me going. I was so inspired and drawn to the teachings and this path that I stayed involved as a mentor for the program for two years following my graduation.

I started teaching a week after I graduated. I completed my reiki training around the same time and have been offering 1:1 sessions as well as reiki and restorative yoga workshops since. I have been facilitating sound baths and incorporating sound into reiki sessions for about a year. I continue to further my education and knowledge in these fields. I am currently working towards my 300hr certification, as well as taking numerous sound, and other yoga related trainings. Being a student is something that is very important to me and keeps me inspired on my path.

I didn't think I would be on this path, providing service and holding space in these ways. Each of these paths found me, and I listened as they came. Even in moments early on this path when I felt like a complete imposter and I had no trust in myself, I still showed up and I trusted in something much bigger than me.

I continue to heal, to grow, and to learn with the support of mentors, coaches and teachers.

I truly believe we are our own healers, and that we are not meant to walk this path alone.

I am grateful to be here, and to serve in this way. It really is a true privilege.

Why a blog?

I chose to create a blog to share tutorials, spiritual practices, teachings, streams of consciousness, and more information about specific offerings. Writing has never felt like a strength for me, so I am excited that this new endeavor will also be supporting me in developing my writing skills, as well as help me practice sharing my knowledge and my voice. I will have much more to share as his path continues to unfold.

With that, let me know if there is anything coming up that you would like to see!

Looking forward to share more of myself and what lights me up with you all.

Thanks for tuning in.

With love,


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